KC Royals history: 8 best games of Hall of Famer George Brett

The KC Royals legend has stat lines modern players can only dream of. But, what moments set George Brett apart from the rest?
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1985 ALCS Game 3: Royals beat Blue Jays, 6-5

Win Probability Added: 0.485
Stats: 4 PA, 4 H, 4 R, 3 RBI, 1 HR

I was not around for the 1985 World Series, but the roster and season preceding the championship are remembered fondly amongst Royals fans. That is a deserved mark on the fanbase that has only seen two World Series wins in the team's history. Imagine debating whether any of a number of championship-winning squads in franchise history were better. I'm looking at you, Yankees and Cardinals.

Without Brett at the plate, the 1985 World Series may have ended in an embarrassing ALCS sweep rather than a Cinderella story. The Royals went to Toronto and lost the first two games to the Blue Jays. The Royals returned to Kansas City in a 2-0 hole with the real possibility of being swept in Royals Stadium. But Brett saved the day in spectacular fashion. His home run in the bottom of the sixth swung the game in the Royals' favor. Before he came to the plate, the Blue Jays had a 68% chance of winning. After Brett and Willie Wilson finished trotting in, Kansas City had a 58% chance of winning.

This Game 3 was a very competitive affair, but Steve Farr performed marvelously on the mound to close out the game. The Blue Jays still held a 2-1 series lead, but that first win was the catalyst the Royals needed to win the 1985 ALCS in seven games. The Royals may not have won without Brett's performance in this game, and that outcome could have large ramifications for the Royals, that season, and how fans remember it.