KC Royals history: 8 best games of Hall of Famer George Brett

The KC Royals legend has stat lines modern players can only dream of. But, what moments set George Brett apart from the rest?

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May 28, 1979: Royals beat Orioles, 5-4

Win Probability Added: 1.127 (Royals record) 
Stats: 8 PA, 5 H, 3 R, 4 RBI, 1 BB, 1 IBB

If fans want to remove any narratives behind a player's individual performance, WPA is a great tool to utilize. This game against the Baltimore Orioles at Royals Stadium was a banger to start the work week off with. The 16-inning affair lasted nearly five hours, with 34,677 fans in attendance. Brett gave fans their money's worth by coming a single shy of the cycle. A single was the only hit he didn't record; that is how good Brett was this night.

He hit two home runs, both at crucial junctures in the game. His first homer came in the bottom of the eighth against Dennis Martinez. His two-run shot turned a 2-3 deficit into a 4-3 lead, scoring Steve Braun from first. The Orioles tied the game again in the ninth, kicking off the extra innings. Then, Brett hit the walk-off homer against Sammy Stewart, sending Kansas City to sleep happy.

This game was the second multi-homer game of Brett's career, en route to 17 total performances. Also, Brett had four extra-base hits against the Orioles, the only time he has ever had that many in one game. The extended game certainly helped this performance, but Brett muscled the Royals to a win in incredible fashion this night.