KC Royals: 4 players to watch in final series before trade deadline

Kansas City Royals v New York Yankees
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The KC Royals second baseman has hit for a lot of power since the break

Michael Massey has had a very up-and-down year, but now it is starting to get weird. Massey hasn't exactly been great since the break, but he currently has a SLG of .514 in the 11 games to start the second half. To add to this, he also has an ISO of .297.

His slash line during the 11-game stretch is .216/.256/.514, so the power hitting has carried a lot of his offense in this stretch. This may mean he regresses to the mean soon as not a lot of his metrics are great in this stretch, but he has hit the ball hard at an average exit velo of 87.0.

While his power might regress to the mean, the same could be said for his BABIP in this stretch of play. Massey has a BABIP of .179 in this stretch while having five of his eight hits being extra-base hits which make for a weird conundrum of his power should regress, but he hasn't been lucky so that might turn around.

What is more likely to happen is he regresses a lot during this series as Massey does not hit the Twins well at all. He carries a lifetime slash line of .212/.226/.289 with an OPS of .515. All signs point to Massey cooling off a little, but if he can continue his power surge it might be an interesting series for him.

Now it is time to put the focus on a couple of Twins players starting with a hitter who is on fire.