KC Royals: 4 factors to watch in 2015 World Series rematch series

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Kodai Senga will show out with a lot of plus stuff against the KC Royals.

Kodai Senga will start the second game of this series against Alec Marsh and will showcase a lot of elite stuff that the Royals haven't seen before. The Japanese rookie has been a staple for the Mets sporting an ERA of 3.17, and an 11.14 K/9. He was also an All-star and will more than likely be in the top three for NL Rookie of the Year.

While he is having a good season, he has some key issues in his game. One thing is that he walks a ton of batters, carrying a 4.54 BB/9 on the year, and due to that, his FIP is a little higher than expected at 3.79. While some metrics don't favor Senga, in July Senga put up "ace-like" numbers with an ERA of 1.93, a K/9 of 11.19, and limiting walks with a BB/9 of 2.70.

We haven't even gotten to his elite stuff yet, and Senga has three-plus pitches in his repertoire. The worst of his best is his 4-seam fastball which has some natural movement on it and sets up his two truly elite pitches. His cutter and forkball (yes, a forkball) are his bread and butter on the year as the combined run values for both are +18 (insanely good).

The Royals are looking to stay hot and continue their win streak, but the Mets are looking to make up ground in the NL Wildcard as they are 6.5 games back and facing the lowly Royals could help them out.

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