KC Royals: 4 factors to watch in 2015 World Series rematch series

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Francisco Lindor and Pete Alonso might turn into the Bash Bros against the KC Royals.

If anyone was a poster child for being a "Royals Killer" then Francisco Lindor would be a likely option. Lindor has tormented Royals pitching since his rookie year and he has accumulated a slash line of .326./381/.626 for an OPS of 1.007. Even if he hasn't been exactly the same player with the Mets as his younger Guardians self he probably will have a good series against a ragtag rotation and bullpen.

Now you might ask why I added Pete Alonso if he has only 3 games against the Royals. Well, in that series he hit .500, had four RBIs, and an OPS of 1.488. Is that enough of a sample size? No, but since the All-star break Alonso seems to be regaining his form slashing .259/.333/.556 for an OPS of .889.

These two hitters may be having "down" years on a team that has underperformed so far, but facing a lowly team like the Royals could rite any ship and maybe even propel a team to fight for a wildcard spot.

While the rotation for the Mets isn't fully announced there is one starter to keep track of.