KC Royals: 2 players out of minor league options ahead of 2023 season

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The KC Royals are entering the 2023 season with a fresh outlook and a fresh set of expectations. Most of the players' faces, young and old, are still familiar ones to Royals fans. But the biggest changes came in that team's leadership, with six new major league coaches and several changes in the front office. No one expects an immediate championship contender, but there is some hope once again in Kansas City.

With all the new faces and new rules in baseball, fans can be assured that the constant wheel of baseball transactions will return in 2023. Royals fans certainly have fun with players' minor league options after the Royals' leadership utilized that route a lot last season. Edward Olivares' consistent trips back and forth to Omaha, Nebraska The Monday minor-league options became a part of the team's drumbeat last year. As Kansas City wants to get a look at several young players this season, the Royals could very well repeat that in 2023.

The KC Royals are closing in on Opening Day 2023, and every contractual detail counts in roster building.

They will luckily have that latitude, as most of the Royals' major-league roster has one or more minor-league options entering this season. Some players, like Olivares and pitcher Taylor Clarke, have one option remaining with Kansas City. If the Royals want to move a player to the minors from their 26-man roster, that can be a dangerous move. Out-of-options players must be designated for assignment, removing them from the 40-man roster. That also exposes them to waivers and gives the other teams a chance at adding that player to their 40-man roster. Using up a player's minor league options is a dangerous move, and should not be taken lightly.

There are two players on the Royals roster who are both out of minor-league options and could contribute in the majors this season. Who are these players, and why should Royals fans care about their minor-league options?