Kansas City Royals fans need to check out these retro Bo Jackson Topps shirts


We love ourselves some cool Kansas City Royals merchandise - and boy have we found something today.

Our friends at Homage have combined their signature, incredibly comfortable shirts with the iconic retro designs of Topps baseball cards to make two awesome t-shirts that fans need to check out.

If you're a baseball card collector, than you more than likely sought after the 1986 Topps Bo Jackson card or the 1987 Topps Future Stars Bo Jackson.

Now, they're both t-shirts. Check them out below.

Bo Jackson Royals
Homage /

1987 Topps Future Stars Bo Jackson T-Shirt by Homage ($38)

From Homage: Tear it open! Bo Jackson’s rookie card is here. The baseball (and football!) legend is one of the great American athletes of all time, and we’re repping his first year in the major league business with a super-soft Topps tee for the Kansas City Royal. Pay homage.

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1986 Topps Bo Jackson T-Shirt by Homage ($38)

From Homage: Bo knows! It’s a very special Topps tee for one of the greatest athletes of all time, Bo Jackson. As the only player to ever be named an All-Star in football and baseball, Bo’s incredible career in two professional sports leagues is worth crackin’ a bat over, and his 1986 rookie card is worth a mint. Pay homage.

Don't wait. Check out Homage today to order some well-fitting, super-comfortable, ultra-stylish shirts that will show off your fandom.

Pay Homage.

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