Grading the last 5 top KC Royals MLB Draft picks

How are Kansas City's most recent first choices doing?
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2023: Blake Mitchell, catcher

Much has been written and said questioning the Royals' decision to spend their top 2023 pick on Blake Mitchell. The many who panned the draft's eighth-overall selection most often cited his status as a prep catcher as the prime source of their disenchantment. High school backstops, they argued, don't reach the major leagues often enough to justify picking them high.

But not everyone or every source found Kansas City's choice of Mitchell out of line. MLB Pipeline, just to name one, soon tabbed him the best of Kansas City's prospects. And despite hitting only .147 in his 13-game pro debut in the ACL, he posted a glittery .423 OBP to at least partially confirm his promise and potential.

Now, in his first full professional campaign, he's played 70 Single-A games and hit 11 homers and 14 doubles, collected 34 RBI, raised his average to .258, stolen 20 bases (not bad for a catcher) and, with a .398 OBP, is proving once again that he definitely knows how to get on base.

Mitchell seems certain to see Double-A Northwest Arkansas at some point this season, perhaps sooner rather than later. We'll give him a B for now; if he keeps improving, the Royals' top prospect will soon deserve an A.

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