Cole Ragans is the best KC Royals pitcher ever (so far). Here is why.

The lefty is shattering standards set by Kansas City pitching pillars.
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98 - Fewest total bases allowed

Is this another minute statistical edge? Sure, you can say that. But the total number of bases a pitcher allows the opposition has a direct correlation to their scoring. While Ragans may not have the best record for limiting hits overall, he does have a nine-base advantage over Brady Singer. Why is that?

Both players have the same amount of extra-base hits allowed, with 17 in their first 16 starts. Singer's 69 hits allowed in that span are nice, for sure, and lead all Royals pitchers. But Singer has allowed 10 more earned runs than Ragans, thanks partially to Singer's 10 home runs allowed. Compared to Ragans' four, that is a difference of 24 bases alone and those 10 extra runs.

We can use total bases allowed per game as another benchmark to evaluate their performance. For example, Ragans' best start so far this season came against the Baltimore Orioles on April 3. You can point out that he had no earned runs allowed, seven strikeouts, or one hit allowed, which was his best start. But he surrendered only two bases on a double, and that was the only damage.

Total bases are not a perfect benchmark, especially since they do not account for walks. But it is another way to demonstrate how Ragans doesn't let batters beat him; only Ragans can beat him on a good day.

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