Best ways KC Royals fans can save money at Kauffman Stadium

William Purnell-USA TODAY Sports
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Concession Value Menu

This is my favorite renewed fan value this season. The Dollar Dog Night is a budget option, but it's limited to a few games. Kansas City's expanded value menu is available at every single home game. According to the team's website, "fans can find ballpark favorites for $5 or less, including beer, soda, hot dogs, pretzels, and popcorn." That sounds great to me!

That short list includes all of the staples fans can expect at any given ball game, no matter the level. This value menu may not have everything for every palate or diet, but that comes with the territory. Parents aren't forced to choose between "gourmet" hot dogs or obscenely priced BBQ plates to feed their kids.

Don't want a hot dog? Get a pretzel. Don't want a pretzel? Get some popcorn. Don't want popcorn? Well, tough tuchus, because those are the options.

Tickets and other surrounding fees are expensive just to get through Kauffman's gates. This value menu helps leave some financial burdens at home and makes a traditional ballgame experience possible on a tighter budget. These options are also available throughout the concourse. Fans can find the value menu in sections 120, 135, 201, 213, 242, 405, 417, and 422.