All-time best KC Royals starting lineup based on WAR

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Batting second for the KC Royals: CF Willie Wilson

From his debut in 1976 to his final game with the Kansas City Royals, Willie Wilson showcased a unique blend of athleticism and passion that left an indelible mark on the franchise. The New Jersey native's journey with the Royals was nothing short of spectacular.

On the basepaths, Wilson was unparalleled. His 79 successful steals out of 89 attempts in a single season stand as a testament to his base-stealing prowess. With a career total of 668 stolen bases, he ranks 12th all-time, a testament to his speed and baserunning acumen.

In 1980, Wilson's prowess at the plate reached its zenith. He clinched the batting title with a stellar .332 average, leading the American League in runs (133), hits (230), and triples (15). This remarkable season not only solidified his place among baseball's elite but also highlighted his versatility as a player.

Accolades poured in for Wilson that year. Voters recognized his defensive ability with a Gold Glove Award, while his offensive contributions earned him a Silver Slugger Award. He also achieved his best finish in the AL MVP voting, securing the fourth spot. Such accolades only further underscored his impact on the Royals in the 1980s.

In 2000, the Royals rightfully honored Wilson's contributions by inducting him into their Hall of Fame, a fitting tribute to a player whose legacy is woven into the very fabric of the Royals' history. His 35.2 fWAR ranks third-most in the franchise's history, buoyed by his defensive value and baserunning ability.