Are the Top 5 KC Royals prospects showing progress?

Checking in on Kansas City's best prospects.
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No. 2 — Cayden Wallace (Double-A Northwest Arkansas)

Barring injuries to Kansas City's major league and Triple-A third basemen, don't look for Wallace in a Royals uniform anytime soon. Thursday night's contest against Wichita marked his 52nd at Double-A Northwest Arkansas (19 this year and 33 last season); he needs more time at that level, and then a season at Triple-A Omaha, before the Royals should consider him for much more than a short-term injury replacement, if even that.

His numbers also reflect Wallace isn't yet ready for the major leagues. Although he's slashing .264/.357/.431 after going 1-for-4 with his second homer of the season Thursday against the Wind Surge, he slumped from a .261/.341/.431 High-A line to .236/.300/.362 at Northwest Arkansas following last year's late-season promotion to Double-A. He'll probably warrant a promotion to Omaha before this season concludes, but a call-up to Kansas City when rosters expand in September should be reserved for someone else.

But the potential is there. He's handling third base well, his short-career .342 OBP is good, he stole 18 bases last season, and his 13 homers in 2023 prove he has some power.

Wallace will probably make it to Kansas City. It's just going to take time.

And the No. 1 Kansas City prospect…