A KC Royals Opening Day scrapbook

The most memorable Opening Days in a writer's baseball life.
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Opening Day occupies a unique place in baseball lore, and the KC Royals are no exception. Fans, media, and players alike tend to romanticize the postseason and too often recall regular season games in a blur. But Opening Days always seem to stand out.

Opening Day has provided many KC Royals memories

An old cliché says every game matters, and while it's true all games count, the result of one doesn't necessarily matter much in the big picture of a 162-contest big league season. Opening Day is no different, but it is unique — the outcome doesn't prove how a team will fare for the rest of the season, but the excitement of baseball's return and renewed optimism make for a special occasion.

With the first pitch of the 2024 season just days away, please indulge my passion for the occasion as I look back at some of the most memorable Royals' Opening Days of my lifetime. The journey is mostly positive, but necessarily includes some disappointments generated by a franchise that's failed more than it's succeeded over the last three decades.

The Royals have only reached the postseason three times in my life. Granted, they've cashed in and won two championships in those rare appearances, but perhaps the most interesting aspect of this collection of games is that none of them come from one of those championship seasons, and only one is even indirectly connected to them. Opening Day exists in a bubble, unaffected by what came before or what will follow.

That's the beauty of Opening Day. It stands alone. So, without further ado, let's get to the games.