8 blazing bats fire hot KC Royals spring start

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Two KC Royals who may end up battling over third base are hitting well

In what's by now old news, the Royals made it clear before camp opened that Hunter Dozier was their choice for third base this season. It's a decision not without controversy, but Dozier is showing no signs of disappointing the Kansas City brass.

That's because he's 4-for-9 (.444) so far. Count a home run, double and a pair of RBIs among his early numbers. And he's yet to strike out, which is encouraging considering he fanned 25% of the time last season.

Take Dozier's performance with a grain of salt, however—he hit .405 with seven RBIs over last spring's truncated Cactus League slate before batting only .236 in the regular campaign. It was Dozier's third straight poor year after his breakout 26-homer, .279 2019 season.

Close behind Dozier at the plate, and perhaps at third base, is Maikel García, the organization's third-best prospect per MLB Pipeline and a shortstop who's played the hot corner once this spring. Garcia begins today 6-for-10 (.600) with a home run and four RBIs in five games. If Dozier's bat goes cold (and maybe even if it doesn't), and the Royals remain steadfast in their desire to have Bobby Witt Jr. play short, Garcia ought to be a candidate for the third base job.