6 KC Royals players fighting for their futures heading into 2024 season

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2B Michael Massey

Kings of Kauffman writer Patrick Glancy had a tepid response to second baseman Michael Massey's 2023 season. Glancy said Massey "put himself in a position to be pushed from the start of spring training. If he doesn't start strongly in 2024 and learn how to maintain success, the Royals may be forced to go in a different direction." It is hard to disagree with that, even with spring training underway.

Massey has lived up to his defensive billing. Sure, he is not an immediate Gold Glove contender at second base, but he is holding his own in the field. It is his bat that leaves fans wanting more. Never mind many were fine with Omar Infante taking up payroll and a spot in the lineup. Massey certainly has room for improvement at the plate, and starting the season strong will go a long way.

Massey, like many of his Kansas City counterparts, had a better second-half performance in 2023 at the plate. He remained below-average though in that span, sporting an 85 wRC+. That is an acceptable season-long metric for a glove-first second baseman, but it leaves fans wanting more in the lineup's bottom half.

Massey has been performing well in spring training so far. However, he is facing competition from Nick Loftin, Adam Frazier, and Garrett Hampson in the middle infield position. To secure his place in the team, Massey not only needs to maintain his performance but also outshine his competitors.