4 KC Royals players who could be traded before Opening Day

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The KC Royals are trying to go from worst to first in the AL Central next season. The franchise is in the middle of one of the league's longest postseason droughts, going eight seasons without a playoff appearance. The team has been relatively aggressive on the free agency market, showing the fanbase some urgency following the 106-loss season. It is hard not to be optimistic about the Royals 2024 season. They do not have to be immediate contenders, but this fanbase desperately needs notable improvement.

The KC Royals still have work to do before Opening Day comes.

Keeping that desperate mentality, the Royals should not be content with their current 40-man roster. There is still plenty of room for improvement, and this team's ceiling remains lower than most will admit. This front office should look to the trade market for creative and frugal ways to improve the 2024 squad or better prepare for the following year.

The winning Royals of the 2010s coupled their young cores with veterans, acquiring them in free agency or via trade. Personally, I think the Royals have the latitude for some low-level trades, but I would love to see a James Shields-esque trade. The Royals do not have baseball's top prospect like they did in Wil Myers, but trading for an impactful veteran should be the goal of any splashy trade.

Whether it be an all-in move or improving on the fringes, the Royals have ample tradeable players before Opening Day. Spring training will have plenty of roster battles. But if these players stumble in Arizona, Kansas City absolutely needs to trade them ahead of Opening Day.