4 free agents the KC Royals should sign for spring training competition

There are plenty of free agents looking for new homes. The Royals should bring these players with them to Arizona.
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Jarlín García

Much like Heuer, Jarlín García is available simply because of injury concerns. The Pittsburgh Pirates did not pick up García's 2024 option worth $3.25 million, but that is not a shock. The Pirates shut down García in spring training last season due to a nerve issue in his bicep. The issue was severe enough that García was "unable to grip a ball" according to reports.

García is looking for a new home, but that is nothing new for the lefty. He started his career with the Miami Marlins on 217, pitching 170 innings across 150 games for the team. He had a stellar 2019 season, but the Marlins inexplicably placed him on waivers. Then, the San Francisco Giants picked him up and García improved further. HE pitched in 135 games across three seasons, posting a 1.066 WHIP and 2.84 ERA across 152 innings.

He parlayed four solid relief seasons into a one-year, $2.5 million deal with a club option for 2024 with the Pirates. So, now that García is a free agent once again, what will the 31-year-old do? There hasn't been an update about his playing availability or if the nerve issue will linger. If he is back and healthy, García's game would play well in Kauffman Stadium. He has a low 2.5 BB/9 since 2020 while inducing groundballs at a 39.9% rate.

Kansas City added Wil Smith this offseason, but the bullpen currently lacks a standout lefty option. Josh Tyalor's health is a concern, Jake Brentz hasn't pitched in years, and Angel Zerpa hasn't lived up to his 2021 debut. What do the Royals have to lose by bringing in García to see what he has to offer?