The 4 biggest bombs of this KC Royals season

Texas Rangers v Kansas City Royals
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Nate Eaton remains versatile, but has bombed at the plate for the KC Royals

Nate Eaton didn't tear up the American League after Kansas City called him up for his first taste of the majors last year. As one of the minor league replacements for 10 Royals whose vaccination status prohibited them from crossing the Canadian border for a four-game series at Toronto, he went 2-for-12; then, after a short trip back to Omaha, he finished the campaign with the Royals and a .264 average. Together with his defensive versatility, it was enough to establish Eaton as a legitimate Opening Day roster candidate.

Eaton made that roster on the strength of a .324/.390/.514 spring training line. But his bat has since gone silent—he owns only one hit, an April 10 single against Texas, and is 1-for-25 (.040) in a dozen games. He's been valuable in the field, however, playing every outfield position without committing an error.

But all the versatility in the world won't protect Eaton if he can't hit. And that astonishingly unproductive bat has rendered him a major disappointment. Time will tell if he can solve the problem, but time is a precious commodity he may be losing.

Who's the fourth major disappointment for the Royals?