3 worst-case scenarios for the 2024 KC Royals

A trio of possible nightmares for Kansas City.
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No. 3: Vinnie Pasquantino gets hurt again

Pasquantino became an immediate fan favorite almost as soon as he was called up to the big leagues two seasons ago. After all, "Pasquatch" slashed .295/.383/.450 with 10 home runs and 10 doubles in 72 games and played a solid first base.

Excitement for his 2023 season was off the charts, but things quickly turned sour. After hitting nine home runs in 61 games, but hitting a disappointing .247, a shoulder injury sidelined him early in June and surgery to correct it ended his season.

The Royals need Pasquantino at full strength and his powerful bat in the middle of their lineup in 2024 and beyond. He may not have the same kind of pedigree as Witt, but the talented first baseman is every bit as important to the club's success.

While sidelined last year, Pasquantino proved once again he's an engaging and entertaining follow on social media, but Royals fans will be devastated if another injury limits him to watching and commenting on games again this year. Another serious injury to their returning first baseman will be nothing less than a worst-case scenario for the Royals.

At the end of the day, all sorts of things can spoil a baseball season, but problems for Witt, Ragans or Pasquantino could turn 2024 into a nightmare for Kansas City. Fingers crossed, Royals fans.

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