3 ways the KC Royals could fumble 2023 MLB trade deadline

The upcoming trade deadline could be very quiet for the KC Royals. A silent one would be a massive mistake.
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Blocking the current crop of outfielders.

Dairon Blanco cracking the 26-man roster was a pleasant surprise for the 2023 Royals. He only lasted five games with the 2022 squad after joining the team for the infamous Toronto series. He became a favorite in Omaha, stealing 47 bases in 49 games while posting a 135 wRC+. Both are significantly in elite territory, but the 30-year-old is not doing much at the MLB level this season. A 55 wRC+ and .333 SLG denote a player well below MLB's offensive standards, and Blanco could be heading back to Triple-A once Olivares returns. Just because Blanco hasn't made a successful transition doesn't mean there aren't other outfielders waiting in Omaha.

Players like Robbie Glendenning, who Kansas City traded to Baltimore on May 18, and veteran Jorge Bonifacio started the season in Double-A simply because of the number of fringe MLB outfielders in Omaha. All five of the current Omaha outfielders have different cases for the MLB roster.

Nate Eaton has the speed and arm, but the bat needs work. Tucker Bradley went undrafted due to the pandemic-shortened 2020 MLB Draft, but he has skyrocketed through the Royals system. John Rave can bring the party and his .957 OPS to Kansas City at any time. Tyler Gentry is the team's sixth-best prospect, and the 24-year-old leads Omaha with 51 RBIs. Brewer Hicklen has a great start to July with a chance to explode at the plate. All five are worth taking a look at this evaluation season.

Lopez getting looks in left field is cool and all, maybe boosting his trade value. But Royals fans want to see what the young guys have in the outfield too. Eaton had his chance; Blanco's is on the precipice of ending; why not look to Hicklen or Gentry in the 2023 season's second half? The Royals acquisition of another outfielder at a similar level seems redundant. There are other positions that could use some reinforcements, and the outfield does not need the help.

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