3 ways John Sherman could infuriate KC Royals fans

Kansas City's principal owner might be walking a tightrope this winter.
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Trading Salvador Perez isn't something John Sherman should do

No one knows precisely when the top of Salvador Perez's baseball hourglass will empty completely, but it will happen sooner rather than later. The best catcher the Royals have ever had just finished his 12th big league season, turns 34 in May, and a dozen seasons spent primarily crouching behind the plate may soon begin to take their toll.

So it is, some fans say at a volume higher than it was a year or so ago, that the Royals should trade Perez now. Get the most they can, those fans contend, before there isn't enough value left to attract other clubs. Yes, as a player with 10&5 rights, he can reject any trade, but will he really do that if the Royals want to move him and ask him to waive those rights?

That isn't what the Royals and Sherman should do, at least not right now. Perez is still productive — he hit 23 home runs with 80 RBIs this season and made only one error in the 91 games he caught. And he handled 23 games at first base well.

It also just so happens that Perez, who earned his eighth All-Star berth this season, is team captain, well-respected on the field, in the clubhouse, and around the community. His contributions are priceless, his value to the franchise and city immeasurable.

The Royals need Perez, who can play a vital role as expectations rise after their 2023 evaluation season. He's a cherished role model and they need his leadership.

Fans won't riot, but their anger level will be high if Sherman allows Perez to be traded.

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