3 surprising trade targets who could transform KC Royals 2024 roster

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RHP Edward Cabrera

Reason for this trade: Make rotation the best in AL Central

The Royals made the most improvements to their rotation in comparison to their AL Central competition. Seth Lugo and Michael Wacha are two proven veterans, but they are not guaranteed solutions beyond 2025. Kansas City is betting on prospects like Frank Mozzicato and Ben Kudrna being ready for MLB starts by that time, but what if they aren't? If the Royals want some more future certainty, they could do worse than trade for Miami Marlins starter Edward Cabrera.

Cabrera feels like the most moveable starter in the Marlins rotation, in return for some infield help. While Maikel Garcia's or Nick Loftin's role in a possible trade remains to be seen, Cabrera would be an immediate boost to Kansas City's rotation.

Cabrera still managed to end the season with a 4.42 ERA and a 1.44 WHIP over 99.2 innings. Those are less-than-stellar marks, but his 10.66 K/9 as a starter last year remains impressive and shows his potential. Additionally, Cabrera's fastball consistently reaches the upper 90s, and he has a devastating changeup that can generate swings and misses. With some adjustments and development, Cabrera could become a valuable starter and provide stability to any rotation for years to come.

In terms of his potential, Cabrera is seen as being one small step away from being a truly great pitcher. His pitch usage is unique among MLB starting pitchers, and he has the foundation to be a dominant pitcher if he can put all the pieces together. However, his control issues need to be addressed for him to reach his full potential. If Kansas City wants to invest in a starting pitcher who isn't a free agent until 2029, Cabrera is their guy.