3 reasons why the KC Royals won't fire Matt Quatraro

Despite managing the club to a record-tying number of losses, the skipper will be back.
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Sunday's 5-2 victory over New York brought the curtain down on a distressing KC Royals season. There will be no club curtain call or celebration of a job well done. Not for this team, which Saturday evening tied the 2005 club's franchise record for most losses (106) in a season.

The 2023 campaign's end also means Matt Quatraro, the man general manager J.J. Picollo hired to manage his team after firing Mike Matheny a year ago, has much to think about this winter. "Troubled" is, thanks to those 106 losses, a fitting description of Quatraro's first go-round as a big league skipper — Matheny never oversaw so many losses in a season; nor did Trey Hillman, Tony Muser or, although he twice came close, Ned Yost. And it took the combined efforts of Tony Peña Sr., Bob Schaefer, and Buddy Bell to lose 106 times in 2005.

Dropping so many games typically damages major league managers' careers and puts them squarely on the proverbial hot seat. Is that where Quatraro should find himself after this season? Will Picollo fire him and find someone else to guide the Royals on the field?

No. Quatraro was never on the hot seat, and isn't now. He's set for 2024.

Here's why.

The KC Royals won't fire Matt Quatraro after only one season

Although there are other reasons Picollo won't send his manager packing (more on those in a moment), that Quatraro has just a season on the job is perhaps the most fundamental. One year managing a bad (albeit recently improving) club simply isn't a true test. Quatraro deserves, and will get, more time to prove himself.

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