3 prep players KC Royals could take in 2023 MLB Draft

The KC Royals have several routes at eight overall in this year's MLB Draft. What are some high school players they could target?
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RHP Noble Meyer

Pitcher Noble Meyer is MLB.com's highest-rated player on this list, but the high school player is polarizing among Royals fans. Check out Royal Farm Report's thoughts on Meyer for exhibit a.

The Oregon native is committed to playing for the Oregon Ducks, a huge get for the PAC-12 program. Meyer already stands at 6'5", towering over most of his high school competition. The senior is already touching triple digits but sits above 95 MPH consistently with his four-seam fastball. Meyer exhibited his full arsenal at a Perfect Game showcase, including a two-seam fastball, slider, and changeup that baffles hitters.

Meyer'spitch arsenal is insanely polished for a prep pitcher. The righty's fastball is already exceeding 2,400 RPM, an elite trait for any pitcher. He has avoided injury throughout his career thankfully, leaving little obvious concerns that are outside of Meyer's control. Joe Doyle, an independent scout, said that Meyer is performing well in the draft interviews, a trait that signals the "good guy" trait that the Royals historically chase.

Royals fans' hesitancy lies with the team's terrible track record of developing pitchers, especially the prep arms they draft. Frank Mozzicato and Ben Kudrna are holding their own, but they are not without their flaws. The organization revamped the hitting development before the pandemic, and have more of an emphasis on the pitching side now. If the team wants to prove fans wrong, drafting and developing Meyer would be a great story for this new front office.

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