3 prep players KC Royals could take in 2023 MLB Draft

The KC Royals have several routes at eight overall in this year's MLB Draft. What are some high school players they could target?
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3B Aidan Miller

Hear me out here. The Royals just drafted Cayden Wallace, a third baseman holding his own in High-A Quad Cities. But, if the Royals want to go under slot, Aidan Miller is the way to go.

Miller would likely be a top-10 prospect if not for a broken hamate bone that kept him out of most of his senior season. But, the Florida native already racked up accolades around the country. They include an All-American Game MVP award and a Home Run Derby title during the 2022 All-Star break. His bat from the right side has elite power, with an easy swing that makes good contact. Miller's calling card is his bat, make no mistake about it.

He already has a polished swing, an uncommon trait among high school position players. His bat head comes across the plate on a nice level pane, something that even Gavin Cross struggles to do in 2023. Fans can watch some of his game films and hear the ball explode off the bat, ensuring that Miller is much more than a slap hitter.

Miller has an average profile as a defensive third baseman, transitioning from shortstop to the hot corner in his high school career. The arm leaves little to be desired and his feet are quick and active, in both a good and a bad way. Miller is still growing, standing at 6'2" and weighing north of 200 lbs. If Miller continues to grow at this rate, he may project best as a first baseman in the coming years. But, his size or defense isn't the reason an MLB team will draft Miller, it is that bat.

Miller could make sense to the Royals if Miller is facing a freefall down draft boards. Law mocked Miller to the Atlanta Braves at 24th overall last week (subscription required). Would the Arkansas committee move on to professional baseball falling that far down? I do not believe so. If the Royals feel like they have more leverage and negotiation strength over Miller drafting him earlier, I think it would be an underrated move for the team.