3 potential season-wrecking disasters the KC Royals must avoid

These three dangers could ruin the club's 2024 campaign.
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The KC Royals, a team restructured over a busy baseball winter, began their quest to extinguish the bitter memories of a dismal 2023 season by losing their Opening Day game with Minnesota Thursday. Assess most of the blame to an anemic offense that too closely resembled last year's.

But one game, as they say, doesn't an entire season make, and chances are good that this season's club will be better than the 2003 team that lost 106 times in 162 tries. The defense will be fine, the pitching should be much better, and even the offense is bound to improve. Some observers even believe the Royals will seriously contend for, if not win, the American League Central Division title.

They'll have to be pretty good and enjoy some good luck to accomplish either of those things. Also mission critical is avoiding disaster which, in this game, occurs too frequently and destroys even the best teams' seasons.

What pitfalls could get in Kansas City's way this season?

Deep trouble awaits the Royals if Bobby Witt Jr. doesn't stay healthy

Is anything about an individual player more obvious? No. Simply put, as Witt goes, so go the Royals, and there's really no getting around that proposition.

Witt's value to the club can't be overstated. Named KC's Les Milgram Player of the Year for both of his two major league seasons, he last year became the first Royal member of the 30-30 club by smashing 30 homers and stealing 49 bases. And because this isn't a team blessed with great infield depth, or more importantly a player of Witt's caliber, he's as indispensable to its success as any player to any other big league club.

So it is, then, that Witt must stay healthy. The Royals can't afford to lose him to serious injury.

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