3 positions the Royals need to invest in during free agency

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The 2023 season has not been kind to KC Royals fans or the team, for that matter. The team remains on pace for the worst season record in team history, while the team's makeup harkens back to the mid-2000s Royals teams. Kauffman Stadium looks more and more empty as the season comes to a close. There is no clearer way to say this: this stinks.

The KC Royals need to buck the spending stigma and buy more talent in 2024.

At least the Royals have plenty of issues to address ahead of next season. There are many more if the team actually wants to improve. Zack Greinke may not be back, Salvador Perez could be moved this winter, and many more players could be departing Kansas City. That is a lot of coulds that might be shoulds.

The Royals get some leeway for their 2023 performance. There were never high expectations this season, and the front office consistently called this an evaluation season. Well, this season's evaluation needs to cause change ahead of next season. That change should be primarily on the personnel side, rather than the coaching or front office staff. Coaching can only help so much, and the Royals have been operating with a talent deficiency for years now. For every Bobby Witt Jr., there is a Hunter Dozier or a Matt Beaty.

The Royals need to be active buyers this upcoming offseason if they want to regain the fanbase's attention and trust. The Royals increased their free agent spending last year, but that netted them two players they traded, including the maligned Jordan Lyles. That free agency group was not indicative of a team looking to win more games but rather one to simply maintain the status quo.

All that being said, there are three positions the Royals need to spend resources on this offseason. It doesn't have to be top-tier talent, but more talent nonetheless.