3 players the KC Royals may regret losing this offseason

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This offseason, the KC Royals desperately needed a roster restructure. After a challenging season on the field in 2023, general manager J.J. Picollo had to execute following the team's season of evaluation. He needed to trim the roster's fat while maintaining the Royals' talented core. Picollo faced the difficult task of making tough decisions to improve the team's performance. He had to carefully assess each player's contribution and potential, ensuring that the changes made would lead to a more competitive and successful season ahead.

The KC Royals had to make some tough roster choices this offseason.

The 2024 Royals will look very different than their 2023 counterparts. In all, 25 players appeared in at least a game for the 2023 Royals, who are with different teams or still available in free agency. Royals fans will not miss players like Mike Mayers or Nick Wittgren, but Kansas City moved on from guys like Edward Olivares and Dylan Coleman to open roster spots too. They and other players had traits that made them intriguing players but suboptimal performers in their respective roles.

We wanted Kansas City to be more transactional after Dayton Moore, and they have done just that. There are few qualms about that transactional attitude or the corresponding moves. Still, there are some former Royals that Kansas City moved on from too soon. Let's look at four players who fit that bill.

Brooks Kriske

This is getting into the weeds, but why Kansas City could not have retained Kriske on a minor-league contract is curious. The 29-year-old righty only appeared in 6⅔ innings last year for the Royals, posting a solid 1.05 WHIP and six strikeouts. Kriske did not finish the 2023 season in Triple-A Omaha, as Kansas City released him in July.

Kriske has a solid enough pitching arsenal, with okay results at both the Triple-A and MLB levels. Kansas City not committing further to Kriske while raising their bullpen ceiling is a fair tradeoff, but he is a veteran player who is good to have waiting in the minors. The Cincinnati Reds signed him to a minor-league contract this offseason, so he is not on any MLB roster.