3 KC Royals who won't survive the trade deadline

This could be a tame trade deadline for the Royals, but moves need to be made nonetheless.
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Outfielder Edward Olivares

I am not saying Olivares has the bat that Jorge Soler does, but there is a similar timeline emerging for the two at just the right time. The Royals could get a small return for the outfielder, ending his tumultuous tenure in Kansas City.

Olivares was once a fan darling but never really got a fair shake at the MLB level. Well, we now know why that could be after seeing Olivares on the field this season. According to Baseball Savant, he is one of the worst left fielders in all of baseball, despite having elite sprint speed and arm strength. His reads can make a fan's head spin at times, and there are many mental lapses for him in the field.

Where Olivares' value comes from is with his bat. He had a career year in 2022, posting career-highs in wRC+, batting average, RBIs, and more. This year, he has a career-high six home runs, and he has been very streaky in the Royals lineup. He is hot after the All-Star break, though. He has a 165 wRC+, even on strikeouts and walks, and a .385 batting average in limited action. A contender should not be relying on Olivares as their everyday left fielder but rather as a valuable platoon bat. He is good against both lefties and righties, but his power shows best against lefties. 

I don't have an inside source or a crystal ball, but I feel comfortable projecting Olivares will be gone ahead of the trade deadline. The Royals have plenty of outfielders waiting in Omaha, and Olivares is what he is. If a team is willing to pay for that known commodity, the Royals should get that deal done fast.

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