3 KC Royals who won't survive the trade deadline

This could be a tame trade deadline for the Royals, but moves need to be made nonetheless.
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The KC Royals are, at least, one of the few clear sellers ahead of this year's trade deadline. Dayton Moore's loyalty to players has hindered the Royals' trade deadline approach in previous years, but he is long gone. J.J. Picollo has a chance to prove himself and establish his vision for the Royals organization. It is now up to him to make bold moves and shape the team's future at this year's trade deadline.

The KC Royals must move these players ahead of the trade deadline.

The Royals are still tied for the best odds at next year's top pick in the 2024 MLB Draft. Oakland still has the worst winning percentage in the league, but Kansas City is making quite a case for that spot themselves. Not much has gone right for the Royals this season, outside of Bobby Witt Jr.'s improvements and Freddy Fermin's surprise campaign. Those two and other assorted improvements do not give the Royals any reason to stand pat at the deadline. There are a handful of players who should be untouchable, but most of this roster can be had for the right price by a contender, I imagine. 

Picollo made it known earlier this year that they wanted players that "are major-league ready or close to being major-league ready." While there is nothing wrong with that, this team needs talent in whatever form it takes. International prospects, former top picks, and everything in between The Royals don't have many trade chips that will make national headlines, but they still have some to get a good group of additions to the minor leagues.

Some clear-cut players should not be on the roster after the Aug. 1 trade deadline. Who are these players that should be gone, one way or another? These players include veterans who are on expiring contracts and may not fit into the team's long-term plans. Additionally, players who have underperformed or struggled with injuries could also be candidates to be moved.