3 KC Royals who shouldn't be on the roster after Winter Meetings

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Nick Pratto

Fellow Kings of Kauffman contributor Jake Eubanks may classify trading Nick Pratto as a selling-low move. But there are no signs in clear sight of Pratto turning things around at the MLB level. He had a chance to make a case for the Royals' young core. That window is now closed, and Pratto could use a change of scenery to continue his MLB career.

Pratto, along with other young Royals players, had an extended look with the big league club. He played in 95 games last season, with 78 games at his natural position of first base. Vinnie Pasquantino missed much of 2023 due to injury, giving Pratto a chance to prove himself at first base.

Back up for a moment and think back to 2021. Before that season, Pratto was widely seen as a bust, a first-round pick out of high school that the Royals failed to develop. Yet, some hot-hitting and lower-talent bar in Kansas City saw Pratto make it to The Show. He only has 144 MLB games so far, but a -1 fWAR in that span.

The bat is not consistent and Pratto never realized his Gold Glove potential. Several other Royals can do what Pratto brings to the table, only better. Whether it be a low-level trade of Pratto as a package sweetener, he should not be in Kansas City much longer.