3 KC Royals who need to be better in June

William Purnell-USA TODAY Sports
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Listen, we all know how badly the KC Royals 2023 season is going so far. The boys in blue are at the bottom of the AL Central, with only the Oakland Athletics preventing them from being the worst in all of baseball. The Royals are 21 games below the .500 mark come Memorial Day, something that long-time fans are unfortunately used to. It is frustrating, but even the most optimistic fans knew this was not going to be a contending year. The front office was transparent with their words, telling fans about the evaluation year and their actions by not adding much major-league talent this offseason. 

The KC Royals performed better in May, but not by much.

Royals fans will drive themselves crazy if they do not try to find some positives in this season. Unfortunately, the team started off with a historic offensive drought, and then the pitching similarly struggled. The hole this team dug in April was deep, with a 7-21 record. Thankfully, the team improved their May record with double-digit wins. Still well below .500 on the month, though. Improvement is improvement, though, and I will take any positivity I can get at this point.

There were players, like infielder Michael Massey and catcher Salvador Perez, who had great May performances. But there were also those who struggled mightily. These three players are not only the ones that fell short statistically, but their struggles now have ripple effects throughout this season. Each one plays a different part, but all contributed to the Royals falling short this month.