3 KC Royals players who could be first-time All-Stars in 2024

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Growing up, I severely overestimated the All-Star Game's power. How could it not? Here I was at seven years old seeing KC Royals first baseman Ken Harvey playing with Ichiro Suzuki and Alex Rodriguez, that meant he had to be great right? Wrong.

It was years later that I learned that all 30 MLB clubs will have at least one All-Star selection, ensuring each team is represented. It makes sense to try to keep each fanbase interested in the Midsummer Classic by having a player in the dugout. But, not every player is deserving. Sorry Ken Harvey.

The KC Royals had multiple All-Stars each season, many years ago.

Lacking star power and wins, the All-Star Game hasn't been kind to Royals recently. They only have three different All-Star representatives since 2021's iteration. That doesn't sound too bad, as each team traditionally has at least one. But, Royals fans will remember the glory days when Kansas City took over the All-Star Game.

The Royals had seven different players in the 2015 All-Star Game after dominating the voting process. Who can forget when Omar Infante was trailing Jose Altuve for the starting second base spot? Or when Alex Rios was still in the running for an outfield spot? Oh, how time and a few 100-loss seasons change things.

Before any dreams are dashed, people inside and outside the Royals organization are bullish on this squad's potential. Whether it be a natural progression from returning players or a steadying veteran signed in free agency, there are several traits to like about the 2024 Royals ahead of Opening Day. Fans would much rather have pennants and rings in the Royals' future, but All-Star selections are a good prize for individual achievements. Here are my picks for three potential first-time All-Stars in the Royals clubhouse.