3 hot KC Royals pitching takes from club's Cactus League finale

Kansas City continued to get good pitching Saturday.

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Matt Sauer did just what he needed to do for the Royals

Contrary to what too many believe, and as we recently explained, Kansas City won't automatically lose Rule 5 draftee Matt Sauer if they elect not to keep him on the active roster all season. Had Sauer suffered a mediocre spring, though, it's more likely than not — but not a certainty — that he would have been lost on a waiver claim, or to the Yankees (the team from whom he KC drafted him in December) had they wanted to send him to the minors.

Thanks to Sauer, though, losing him soon is something the Royals don't have to worry about. Sauer, made sure of that even before the club confirmed Saturday that he's one of three players who've secured Opening Day roster spots.

And he did it in convincing fashion. Sauer crafted a nice 2.53 ERA, struck out 13 while walking four, and won two of his eight Cactus League appearances.

So it is that, including Saturday when he fanned two, walked one, and gave up a run in the 1.2 innings he worked against the Rangers, Sauer pitched well enough in Cactus League games to allay any serious concerns that he might not be worthy of the Rule 5 selection Kansas City used to make him a Royal.

Now, he needs to do the same thing once the season gets underway.

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