3 hot KC Royals pitching takes from club's Cactus League finale

Kansas City continued to get good pitching Saturday.

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KC may not be able to keep Walter Pennington down on the farm

A full month has passed since Pennington, a Kansas City prospect with whom readers may or may not have been familiar before this spring, struck out three Rangers in one inning during the clubs' Cactus League opener. He also didn't yield any hits or walk a batter, which made that outing excellent.

It was merely a sign of good things to come.

Pennington went on to pitch eight more times and, after throwing another scoreless, hitless, walk-less inning and striking out two against the Rangers Saturday, ended his impressive 2024 Cactus League efforts with impressive numbers, including a 1.23 ERA, 0.95 WHIP, .172 OBA, 16 strikeouts, and only two walks in 7.2 innings.

Pennington, a lefty reliever who pitched four years for the Colorado School of Mines before signing with the Royals as a free agent in 2020, is 16-8, 3.96 over three minor league seasons and, in a performance boding well for his future, went 7-2, 3.69 at Triple-A Omaha last year. If his fine work continues and a couple of Kansas City relievers stumble, Pennington stands a good chance of seeing Kauffman Stadium before the 2024 season concludes.