3 college players KC Royals could take first in 2023 MLB Draft

The KC Royals sit at 8th overall in the upcoming MLB draft. Who are some college names the team could focus on?

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KC Royals faithful remember how the competitive squads from 2013-2016 were built. They were built through the draft, through the grind that is minor-league baseball. Sure, some trades put that core over the edge but the draft built most of that winning roster. The Royals have been unsuccessful in replicating that process, but other teams doing the same thing and succeeding should give Kansas City hope. After hiring coaches and personnel away from small-market teams like the Tampa Bay Rays, Minnesota Twins, and Cleveland Guardians, the Royals could have some major changes in the draft process.

Could the KC Royals prioritize a college player in the 2023 MLB Draft?

The Royals pitching in the minors, especially in Low-A Columbia and High-A, are better this year than last. The proof is in the numbers, evident by several prospects making leaps and bounds under new tutelage. But, I am curious what this new-look organization will do when they can draft the personnel that they want, rather than working with the previous regime's choices.

The 2023 MLB Draft gives the new minds behind the last-place Royals a chance to gain fans' trust. A good draft may not be apparent for years, but the initial reaction and results will still either regain fans' confidence in the organization or drive it below rock bottom. The Royals tried the "MLB ready" approach with Gavin Cross in last year's draft, and we see how well that has turned out. There is a real chance the Royals could go after a high-ceiling high school player, but that is not a certainty. If the Royals wanted to go after a college player once again, who could they target and why would that player fit with the Royals?