2 new KC Royals players who already look like a bust after MLB trade deadline

The trade deadline featured more wins than losses, but these two players should not return next season.
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Taylor Hearn

This trade would look bad no matter how Nicky Lopez played for the Atlanta Braves. But, with Lopez's hot start in Atlanta, Hearn's poor performance in Kansas City only looks worse.

The Royals are Hearn's third organization in as many months, never a good sign for a player. The Texas native could not stay with his home state Texas Rangers, made one appearance for the Braves, and then landed in Kansas City. There is nothing wrong with taking a flier on a player, but the fact that Kansas City gave up Lopez for Hearn rightfully fired fans up.

A fan favorite and vocal leader in the clubhouse, Lopez was not productive for the 2023 Royals but still had some value on such a young team. Hearn might have some positive impact inside the Royals clubhouse, but nothing like Lopez's.

Turns out Hearns's value on the diamond is lower than Lopez's as well. In only eight appearances, Hearn has allowed seven earned runs. That is not what any team should be trotting out of the bullpen. His 5.35 FIP as a reliever does not inspire much confidence. While he does pitch for strikes and has a decent 9.39 K/9, opponents are all over Hearn's fastball this season.

Hearn is arbitration-eligible for 2024, but why should the Royals sink more money into the already journeyman pitcher? Unless the team works heavily with him this offseason and know something fans cannot see, Hearn needs to go.