2 KC Royals likely to improve, 2 who probably won't, in 2023

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KC Royals infielder Bobby Witt Jr. was good in 2022 and will be better in 2023

That Bobby Witt Jr. impressed in his first shot at the big leagues last season surprised absolutely no one. Making a splash was what he was supposed to do and what he did.

Witt, only 21 when he debuted Opening Day, hit 20 homers, stole 30 bases, and drove in 80 runs in 150 games. For good measure, he also doubled 31 times, tripled six, and was named Kansas City's Les Milgram Player of the Year.

Was all that enough? Of course, but Witt is too good not to get better. The superstar-caliber tools he's lucky enough to have and capable of exploiting to their full extent all but guarantee he'll improve in 2023. The .254/.294/.428 he serviceably slashed will, simply because he's Bobby Witt Jr., improve.

And the experience he gained last year will only enhance his performance this year. Witt entered the 2022 campaign with just two full seasons and the summer he spent at the Royals' 2020 Alternate Training Site on his professional resume; those 150 games he played a season ago, and toughing out the rigors of spring training and the regular campaign, will prove invaluable.