KC Royals: 3 memorable Zack Greinke Royal moments

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Zack Greinke once gave hitting advice to KC Royals fan favorite Alex Gordon.

Alex Gordon is a fan favorite here in Kansas City and always will be. He did tend to struggle from time to time, though, and when he was in a major slump, Zack Greinke decided to help his teammate out—in typical Greinke fashion, that is.

Joe Posnanski, a former writer for The Kansas City Star and current writer at The Athletic, wrote about the situation for mlb.com in 2017; per Posnanski, Greinke invited Gordon to watch a video in the film room. Gordon knew Greinke knew baseball and took him up on the offer.

Well, the advice Gordon received was not what he was expecting. As he entered the room, Greinke showed him footage of Greinke’s first home run against the Diamondbacks from 2005. In fairness to Greinke, it was a gorgeous one to look at.

After replaying the clip, Greinke proceeded to tell Gordon, “Do more of that.”

Judging that 2010 was Gordon’s worst season, when he hit a mere .215, one could presume this advice worked in Gordon’s favor, for he bounced back with a .303/.376/.502 line in 2011. Whether it helped or not (Gordon is the only one who knows for sure), it’s fun to assume Greinke may have had a hand in his turnaround.