KC Royals: These 3 top Royal prospects are on fire

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KC Royals, Bobby Witt Jr.
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Bobby Witt Jr. is also getting hot for the KC Royals’ Double-A team.

Fans clamored for Kansas City to put No. 1 club prospect Bobby Witt Jr. on its Opening Day roster this season, and his .289, three home run spring performance gave them a plausible argument. The Royals, ever cautious about Witt’s development, chose instead to send him down for the seasoning he lacked, and most of the Naturals’ May made them look prescient. Until just recently, Witt’s average was .178, a far cry from what’s expected of the second overall pick in the 2019 amateur draft.

But things are getting measurably better for Witt—although he isn’t sizzling quite as much as Melendez or Pratto, he’s hitting .347 over his last five games. Those five contests include Witt’s only double of the year, two of his three home runs, and four of his eight RBIs.

That doesn’t mean, of course, that all is well with the KC Royals’ most prized prospect. That he was hitting so badly means he needs more work—how much is the question, but it may not take long considering Witt’s obvious talent. Those who still want Witt in a Kansas City uniform now will have to wait until he’s clearly ready to make the jump.

It’s a leap he’ll definitely make. And truth be told, Witt won’t have to keep hitting the way he is now. With his skill set, he can afford to cool down a bit.

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How long Melendez, Pratto and Witt will stay so hot remains to be seen; inevitably, their bats will cool. Until that happens, let’s enjoy the ride.