MLB says KC Royals ‘guaranteed’ to improve in 2021

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(Mandatory Credit: Jay Biggerstaff-USA TODAY Sports) /

With their offseason additions, the KC Royals have a chance to be better in 2021.

Even with the 2015 World Series still in the recent past, many KC Royals fans are often accustomed to hearing that the team won’t be very good or turn any heads. Especially with two recent 100 loss seasons, Kansas City seemed to be far from the postseason.

Things may finally be turning a corner for the Royals, though. Typically when scrolling through baseball news and stories, it can be difficult to find anything on the Royals unless it’s from a Kansas City specific site. Recently, though, Will Leitch over at included the Royals in his list of 6 teams guaranteed to be better in 2021.

It’s always nice to see the Royals pop up in a story at, and it’s especially welcome when it’s a positive story.

Leitch notes that the Royals 2020 season ended 26-34, equivalent to 70-92 in a regular season, but he states he feels they will be better than 70 wins. Still, he counts them out of the postseason.

"They don’t look like a legitimate threat in the AL Central or the Wild Card race, but they do look like they’re going to be better — and a lot better than 70-92."

Considering the past few years for Kansas City, it may be right to be skeptical about the Royal’s chances at the postseason. It is a bit odd, though, to state that the team will be better, a lot better than 70-92, and not see them as a threat or even in the wild card race.

It’s no doubt they are going to need more than 70 wins to do this, but if the Royals are much better than 70 wins as suggested, who’s to say it won’t be enough to be in the Wild Card race?

Kansas City improved around the field offensively over the offseason and brought in some more power and on-base percentage, all while keeping their typically top-shelve defense intact. They also have some interesting additions in the bullpen and rotation that could turn heads along with their young prospects who could make an appearance at any time.

This is a different Royals team than what was seen over the past few seasons. Are they going to win a World Series? While anything could happen, they still have some work to do to show they take it that far. But suggesting they could see a Wild Card spot is not completely crazy.

Kansas City should win more in 2021 and while they have a couple of difficult AL Central opponents, splitting a series and taking wins away from them will put Kansas City on the track to the postseason.

While much remains to be seen in the regular season, at least fans can be assured that the Royal’s attitude has changed, and they should be a better team in 2021.

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The KC Royals were ‘guaranteed’ to be better in a recent piece at