KC Royals: Signing Wade Davis ignores big roster hole

(Mandatory Credit: D. Ross Cameron-USA TODAY Sports)
(Mandatory Credit: D. Ross Cameron-USA TODAY Sports) /

The KC Royals are bringing back Wade Davis, but overlooking a significant hole in their roster.

After signing Wade Davis, KC Royals General Manager Dayton Moore is probably also keeping an eye on Kelvin Herrera, so don’t rule out a full-blown reunion of the once-dominant “H-D-H” trio. However, the likelihood of obtaining that level of success again is slim, especially with the recent performances of Davis and Herrera.

Combine the Davis signing with the recent deals for Ervin Santana and two international signings and the Royals are staying active, but not nearly at the pace they did at the beginning of the offseason. These deals are the kind Moore loves, but won’t address the club’s biggest need—an outfielder.

With Whit Merrifield returning as the only guaranteed full-time outfielder, the Royals need another solid bat in their lineup. Leaving one position open for a handful of prospects to battle over is fine, but hoping to strike oil with two vacant spots in your lineup is asking for trouble.

We have seen how playing with two outfielders who make limited offensive contributions dragged the team down the last couple of years; we do not need to repeat that cycle. As the KC Royals struggle to post an on-base percentage above .309 and with the list of free agent outfielders dwindling, now is the time for the team to step up and fill the void.

The Toronto Blue Jays have apparently prevented other teams from signing George Springer (and maybe Michael Brantley). While Kansas City may not have been in play for those two, the shrinking list of available players makes it tougher to acquire good outfielders as other teams bid on their services.

Jurickson Profar appears to be the best fit for the Royals left on the market, assuming signing Marcell Ozuna is not possible. Kansas City would be wise to lock him up before they are left holding the bag.

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From a nostalgia standpoint, signing Davis is a feel-good move and it would be great to see him have another good year with the Royals. However, it sure feels like the team has its head buried in the sand when it comes to acquiring an important asset needed for a playoff run.