KC Royals Wish List: Time to bring on the long ball

KC Royals, Jorge Soler (Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images)
KC Royals, Jorge Soler (Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images) /

The KC Royals want to see improvement in their on-base percentage, but they might have the perfect chance to do some slugging as well.

Happy Holidays and welcome back to our Kings of Kauffman’s “KC Royals Wish List” series. For the 12 days leading up to Christmas, our writers will share their holiday wishes for the Royals. Whether they’re more offseason improvements, success in 2021, or hope for the future, anything could be in store. Today, our wish is for the long ball.

Changes are coming to Kansas City. While there is no telling what 2021 might have in store, it’s obvious the KC Royals are looking to get back to winning and put the losing seasons behind them. They have been looking to make improvements over the offseason, one of these, in particular, being on-base percentage.

While there is no denying how important that is, especially for a team that relies on speed, for this wish, we are going to hope for some more dingers flying off of the Royals’ bats.

The Royals are not typically a team that is known for their power. Jorge Soler is, and there are a few others who have flashed power over the past seasons, but the slugging doesn’t typically run too deep in the lineup.

This year, though, the Royals have a chance to change that. The lineup might find the ability to hit and get on base, but with Soler, Hunter Dozier, Salvador Perez, and Carlos Santana all likely crammed together, home runs could be an everyday thing.

In their last full seasons, Soler hit 48, Dozier had 26, Salvy produced 27, and Santana put up 34. Then there are others like Whit Merrifield just itching for a 20 home run season.

It would be a lie to say that home runs alone will win a World Series. It’s just not true. The Royals proved that in 2014 and 2015. Still, they do go a long way in helping to get there.

The Royals have found other ways to win for years, but maybe it’s time to try something a bit different. Just because the focus might be on other aspects of hitting, that doesn’t mean that players with power should limit themselves.

Teams are looking for home run hitters and finding success when blasting the ball into the stands. While Kansas City has plenty of areas to focus on, finding some power in their lineup should be on the list.

2021 is sure to bring more debuts and plenty of new faces for Royals fans. Here’s to wishing that it also brings plenty of long balls.

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The KC Royals need to improve their offense and one sure way of driving in runs is making sure the defense can’t get the ball. Home runs alone won’t get them to the postseason, but they will help.