KC Royals see a bump in Bleacher Report offseason power rankings

KC Royals, Brady Singer (Photo by Jason Miller/Getty Images)
KC Royals, Brady Singer (Photo by Jason Miller/Getty Images) /

The KC Royals have started to make some moves on the free-agent market, helping them gain some movement in the offseason power rankings.

When the 2020 season ended, there were still a lot of questions about where the KC Royals were sitting. They ended the season 26-34, which is better than some might have thought they would end up. They had a good turn around from many of their pitchers, and while the offense was lacking for most of the season, there were some decent performances and things to look forward too.

Still, there was a big question mark for 2021 and how well the Royals would actually compete. They needed to make some changes and spend some money over the offseason.

Back at the end of October, Bleacher Report released their first offseason rankings. Of course, these were done before free agency and the offseason really got going, so they were based on the outlook for the team’s 2021 season.

The Royals unfortunately came in at a low 27. Even with their exciting youth movement, it looked as though they might find themselves at the bottom of the pack once the 2021 season starts. While there could be some progress, it might not be much.

Now that free agency has kicked off and we are deeper into the offseason, Bleacher Report has released a new set of power rankings. While it isn’t a huge jump, the Royals are seeing themselves in a better spot, moving up to number 23.

The signings of Mike Minor, Carlos Santana, and Michael Taylor likely have a lot to do with the bump. Their risk could be a reason for not seeing even more of a jump, though. Taylor is on a cheap contract, but Minor and Santana are each getting over $17 million for 2 years.

There are high upsides, but also some risk that comes with these signings as both saw down years in 2020.

Another factor that could have help with moving up in the rankings, though, is Dayton Moore sticking to his word. Moore said moves were coming and that the Royals were ready to be better and win. The organization’s quick movements in free agency and larger than usual signings are proof that they are looking to improve and be better in 2021.

While it would still be nice to see a higher ranking, for Royals fans, seeing them move up at all is a good thing. After a couple of 100 loss seasons and the up in the air 2020 season, a move through the rankings and some bigger free-agent signings might mean that baseball is about to get more exciting in Kansas City.

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The KC Royals have moved from 27 to 23 in the Bleacher Report offseason power rankings.