KC Royals: It’s a good sign Dayton Moore sounds aggressive

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The KC Royals need to make some improvements if they expect to win in 2021. Being aggressive over the offseason will help.

It’s time for the KC Royals to start making some real moves. They want to be done with the rebuild and ready to contend again. To do this, though, they need some bigger pieces rather than just some possible reclamation projects.

The recent report of the Mike Minor signing is interesting, but there might still be some questions concerning how he will be used and what the overall plan going forward is. There are plenty of moves that could come from just this signing, and players could see a shakeup.

For the Royals to really show they plan to be competitive in 2021, though, they are going to have to make even more moves. If they want to show they plan for long term success, they will need to ensure some longer-term contracts for those they expect to be part of their core.

Luckily Dayton Moore seems a bit different this offseason. Just from things he has said, he sounds much more aggressive. This is odd because Dayton Moore and aggressive don’t usually go in the same sentence unless “is not” is between them.

A couple of weeks ago, Dayton Moore talked about the desire to win now, and the organization’s plan to win in 2021.

"“We expect to win next year. What does that look like? Is it going to be enough wins to make the playoffs? We’ll find out. Our mindset is going to be to win every single pitch, every inning, win every game. That’s the only way that we’re ever going to win another championship, you’ve got to expect to win at all aspects.” mlbtraderumors.com"

Not only this, but Shawn Bauman recently provided an update, suggesting the Royals could be willing to spend more money this offseason. Dayton Moore had said he wasn’t concerned about the payroll but wanted to find players that can help and fit in with their team.

Are the Royals going to go and sing each of the top free agents currently waiting for offers? Absolutely not. This aggressiveness on the part of Dayton Moore, though, could speak more about how the Royals ownership group will be handling things, though.

Fans haven’t been given much information about what John Sherman‘s group will do when it comes to signing players. Seeing a change in Dayton Moore could be a positive, showing the group will be willing to look at higher valued free agents.

There will be some more moves by the Royal this offseason and while it’s expected there will be some minor league deals and reclamation projects coming in, if Dayton Moore’s aggressiveness is to be believed, Kansas City could have their eye on a few bigger singing as well.

Free agents aside, the Royals could have plans for their own players. There are plenty of current players that will need extensions. Hunter Dozier, Jorge Soler, Brad Keller, just to name a few, are some Royals that could see long term offers to stay in Kansas City. It might be time for these organization to make up their minds about who is part of the future, and who isn’t.

This offseason for the Royals seems to have switched gears. As most teams are worried about what they are spending, Kansas City is looking at what they are getting. Who will help the team succeed, and which players will make the Royals a contender.

While words are one thing and actions are another, the atmosphere in Kansas City is ready for a change. It’s time to bring in some game-changers, put an end to the rebuild, and get aggressive.

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Dayton Moore seems to be more aggressive this offseason than in years past. Whether it’s the desire to win, or a push from the ownership group, the change in attitude is one that should be welcomed.