KC Royals: Making the case, Chicago White Sox free agents

Alex Colome, James McCann (Photo by Thearon W. Henderson/Getty Images)
Alex Colome, James McCann (Photo by Thearon W. Henderson/Getty Images) /
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KC Royals, Jarrod Dyson
Jarrod Dyson (Photo by Ron Vesely/Getty Images) /

In the search for free agents, the KC Royals could look to the White Sox if wanting to add a few pitchers into their mix of young arms.

Welcome back to Kings of Kauffman’s continuing series analyzing the major league free agent market and projecting who might, or might not, fit the KC Royals’ needs. Today we take a look at the Chicago White Sox free agents.

With the hunt on for free agents, it wouldn’t be a surprise to see some teams looking towards the Chicago White Sox. While they don’t have a large number of players coming out of the organization, there are a few that might be of interest to teams like the KC Royals.

With a mix that includes a few position players and a larger grouping of pitchers, there are bound to be a few that could peak some interest. One in particular is an old friend of the Royals, though it’s another reunion that might be better off left alone.

Jarrod Dyson spent his 2020 between both the Pirates and the White Sox. On the season, he slashed .180/.231/.180 and added 5 RBIs and 11 hits over his 66 plate appearances. The sample is small and it’s nothing to get excited over.

Dyson spent a good amount of time with Kansas City to start his career and while he provided some good innings, this may be one former player the Royals want to look past.

Dyson could help fill a spot int he outfield, being able to play any of the three, and it helps that he is already familiar with the canyon of Kauffman Stadium. Still, the Royals have plenty of internal options, and there are some better outfield options available. While Dyson will always have a special place among some Royals fans, it’s better to pass this time around.