KC Royals: Making the case, Oakland A’s free agents

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The Oakland A’s have several good free agents, but can any of them help the KC Royals?

Welcome to the first installment of Kings of Kauffman’s annual series analyzing the major league free agent market and projecting who may, or may not, fit into the KC Royals’ plans. Today, we take a look at Oakland’s free agents.

Why big league ballplayers choose to spend significant periods of their careers playing for the Oakland Athletics might be a mystery to some. The A’s, transplants from Kansas City courtesy of an owner whose real or imagined grievances against KC were as well known as the mule he proudly installed as the team mascot, play in the fourth oldest park in the majors, an outdated behemoth boasting the biggest foul territory in the majors (you could graze livestock outside the foul lines) and all the aesthetics of an empty room.

The A’s, though, tend to play October baseball, and that’s something players like regardless of venue. The club that made the movie Moneyball famous and helped push the game further down the analytics road has made it to the postseason six times in the last nine years. The A’s won 97 games in both 2018 and ’19 and claimed a playoff berth this season for the third straight year.

But their 2021 postseason prospects may take a hit this winter. The A’s have 10 free agents who, as of late Sunday afternoon, can negotiate with all 30 clubs. Most are valuable pieces; the Athletics can’t afford to lose too many of them.

Might any of those 10 fit in with the KC Royals? Let’s take a look.