Bleacher Report provides warning for KC Royals offseason

KC Royals (Photo by Jamie Squire/Getty Images)
KC Royals (Photo by Jamie Squire/Getty Images) /

The KC Royals have to decide what will be done over the offseason. While an acquisition or two is likely, will it be from free agency or trade?

Just like the trade deadline, the offseason typically brings a flurry of information, rumors, and possibilities. For the KC Royals, there is always a sense of wonder surrounding what they will do when the time comes to make some moves.

While things are often quiet in Kansas City, the Royals have made moves when needed or when it made sense. Over the last few seasons, things have been fairly slow with the Royals not looking at possible contention, but more at looking where they can grow and if they gain some prospects along the way.

A couple of storylines that typically make their way into the picture surround both Whit Merrifield and Jorge Soler and their future with the club.

It never fails, there are rumors and stories about both players being moved, especially Whit. While the Royals have been said to have a high price tag on Whit, and the rumors of a move for Soler have been just that, it never seems to be enough for some to just leave them be.

Recently, Zach Rymer over at Bleacher Report shared his warnings for each MLB team before free agency and trading start.

For the KC Royals, it should come as no surprise that Rymer feels the team should remain open-minded when it comes to possible trade offers from other teams.

He mentions Merrifield, Soler, and Salvador Perez, as a few Royals that could receive possible interest, though if things go as they have in the past, these players are more likely to stay in Kansas City.

Rymer does make the point that even though Kansas City has been reluctant to trade, they have still managed to work their farm system into the top 10, likely due to the haul of pitching prospects they currently employ.

Still, the Royals farm system may be even more advanced if they sent Merrifield somewhere else, as he would bring back a decent return with some highly ranked prospects.

For the Royals though, it just may not make sense. Kansas City has seen some progress and 2020, while showing some obvious areas that need work, brought even more hope with young pitchers and the team finding a way to win some games.

Kansas City currently has a decent farm system, and while getting prospects back is a good way to build for the future, selling key players such as those listed above could set the timeline for contention back even further.

If the Royals decided to part with some of their young pitching talents, they may be able to get some help in areas where they continue to struggle, but even sending Merrifiled alone to another team would seriously hinder the success of the team.

While the Royals may look into some possible trade’s during the offseason, it’s more likely they will use the free-agent market and internal options to help their lineup and push for progress in 2021.

Still, as Rymer suggests, if teams do start calling, the Royals can at least see what they have to offer. They might just find something worth it.

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Bleacher Report feels the Royals should be more open to trades during the offseason. While Kansas City typically doesn’t seem willing to trade some of their stars, they could change their mind if the offer is right.