3 potential trade partners for KC Royals hurler Danny Duffy

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Taylor Ward
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The KC Royals drafted Duffy from Cabrillo High School in California, a state he was born and raised.  Perhaps a return to his roots would be beneficial.

The Los Angeles Angels have plenty of problems on their hands.  A fifth consecutive losing season with guys like Mike Trout, Albert Pujols, Justin Upton, and Anthony Rendon is not acceptable.  While it would seem adding a southpaw is not a major priority, it is something they desperately could use.

They had no reliable left-hander out of the bullpen last year.  Hoby Milner received the most appearances by one and his ERA was 8.10.  Only one of the four starters who began more than six games produced an ERA under 3.99 so Duffy might be able to help in that area as well.

In return, a player name Taylor Ward could breathe some life into the Kansas City outfield.  He has had a couple of very productive years in the minors but has not yet made it click in the majors.  At age 26 and with high talent and dollars blocking him, a change of scenery might do him well.

If Ward can find the touch he had prior to his call ups, the Royals would benefit greatly.  His OBP’s of .457, .368, .446, and .427 in four out five minor league years are sorely needed for a team where many players cannot effectively reach base.

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He also has pop in his bat and has played error-free defense in the outfield.  All-in-all this would be a risk but one worth taking considering Duffy will be heading into the last year of his contract.