KC Royals: All draft picks signed along with some nondrafted players

KC Royals (Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images)
KC Royals (Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images) /

The KC Royals recently had a successful MLB draft and saw continued success with the non-drafted free agents available after.

Fans of the KC Royals can start to feel a little excitement as it seems that baseball will finally make its return and a 2020 season will get started. While there are likely still some details that will have to be figured out as teams prepare for training and to play games, things are looking better and better in the world of baseball.

Before baseball was back on track, though, KC Royals fans could be excited about the successful draft and post-draft performance of their team just a few weeks back. The Royals were able to land Asa Lacy at the 4th pick, which was incredibly unlikely leading up to their place in line.

Not only were they able to grab some great players during the draft, but their success with non-drafted players set them up incredibly well. Kansas City had seemed to come to terms with multiple players on just the first day that nondrafted players could be contacted.

In an article by Emma Baccellieri from Sports Illustrated, the details are presented showing that out of the remaining players left to be picked up, the Royals managed to finish day one with 4 of the top 5 signings overall.

Kansas City looked to be in a good place, but there was still work to be done. A high school player who is committed to college, or a college player looking to go back for another year can always throw a wrench in the plan.

Luckily, on Tuesday, June 23, the Royals announced that they had agreed to terms and signed all 6 draft picks and 7 undrafted free agents.

Kansas City pulled from around the field with their signings, grabbing some infielder and outfielders, but again focused heavily on pitchers, adding both right and left-handers to the mix, along with a high school arm as opposed to their recent strategy of college arms.

The Royals look to be preparing for anything in the coming years and focusing heavily on the need for pitching in today’s game, something they have struggled with for years. With the current crop of pitching in the system about to be ready, it looks as though Kansas City may be setting up for continued success and contention instead of only a few years before another rebuild.

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No matter how the future plays out for the Royals, the draft seemed to be mostly a success and the same can be said about post-draft signings. Kansas City’s treatment of players has seemed to help them win on the non-drafted player market and bring more talent to the team.